How Can I Help?

Financial Support Welcomed!

Although Lutheran Legacy offers its resources to the Church for free, the maintenance and continued development of the database and other resources does have a financial cost. This means that for us to continue to grow and provide the community with new resources financial assistance is necessary. We ask that a free will offering of $20 a year be made by users. This money will be used to purchase new computer and photographic equipment, further develop the database, and support translation work. Lutheran Legacy is also a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which means your donation is tax deductible. Please see our donation page for more information.

Typists Needed!

Do you want to help preserve rare literary works of the Lutheran and evangelical catholic tradition? If so, then we need your help. Lutheran Legacy is currently developing a web based interface that will allow users to retype the rare documents in our database. Once in a transcribed format these works will be permanently preserved and fully searchable.

In the near future we will need your help in this preservation process. You need no special education or skills. Most of these documents were written in Latin, which uses the same alphabet as English. This means anyone who can type English is able to retype these rare works.

This effort will provide great assistance in the work of Christ’s Church. By typing these documents into an electronic format, we will (1) preserve classics of the Lutheran and evangelical tradition indefinitely; (2) allow free, low-bandwidth, worldwide access to previously inaccessible rare works; (3) facilitate the study and research of our rich heritage by enabling these works to be electronically searched, copied, and printed for the first time in history. Your contribution in this effort will help promote orthodox Christianity for generations to come.

We hope to have the necessary interfaces available soon so please visit the site regularly for more information.

Community Comments Wanted!

We are currently developing community interfaces which will allow users to freely discuss the materials and theological traditions related to the digital collection. These will include forums, scanned image and full text theological markup. We are hoping to foster a digital environment in which users will be able to freely share ideas and safely engage in theological discussion. There will be more information about these interfaces shortly.