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  • Ad Fontes Witebergenses -- Our newest publication.
  • Updating Repository -- We will not be importing the old repository to the new site because all of our materials are now available through the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek. The future of our repository will be a full text database.
Bo Giertz book cover

A Hammer for God: Bo Giertz

$19.95 (344 pages; paperback), 29.95 (344 pages; hardback)

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Wittenberg church door book cover

Ad Fontes Witebergenses

$19.95 (358 pages; Paperback), $29.95 (358 pages; Hardback)

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crucified christ book cover

And Every Tongue Confess

$25 (328 pages; Hardback), $19.95 (328 Paperback)

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church on hill book cover

Postille: Sunday and Main Festival Gospels. Parts III and IV

$19.95 (388 pages; Paperback)

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justification book cover

The Justification of the Sinner before God

$14.95 (180 pages; Paperback), 23.95 (180 pages; Hardback)

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Book Cover

The Life and Words of Deaconess Clara Strehlow

$14.95 (161 pages; Paperback), $23.95 (161 pages; Hardback) 

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Jesus and disciples book cover

The Theology of Facts vs The Theology of Rhetoric

$14.95 (132 pages; Paperback)

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book of concord text book cover

The Works of David Henkel

$35 (720 pages; Hardback), $29.95 (720 pages; Paperback)

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altar painting book cover

Theology Is Eminently Practical

$16.95 (272 pages; Paperback)

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