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The Works of David Henkel

$35 (720 pages; Hardback), $29.95 (720 pages; Paperback)

Hardback available from the Concordia Theological Seminary Books at (260) 452-2160. Paperback available from our online store.

A "Lutheran voice crying in the wilderness of early American Protestantism (words of the late Louis Smith, 2001)" speaks to a new generation of Lutherans in The Works of David Henkel. An engaging 24-page introduction by Dr. Lawrence Rast invites the reader into a nearly 700-page collection of Henkel's vibrant writings and related source documents, reflecting the intense, tumultuous, and very public ministry (1817–1831) of an early confessional American Lutheran. Henkel contends with foes within and without the Lutheran church over issues of the Trinity, Christology, Justification, the Sacraments, confessional subscription, church authority and polity. Predating the more heralded movements of the 1840s, Henkel and his Tennessee Synod often spoke as a lone confessional voice in America—a voice that rings true and with a uniquely American tone also in our time.



Writings by David Henkel
  • Essence of the Christian Religion: A Sermon. (1817)
  • A Loud Trumpet, of Futurity. Or a Few Reflections on Future Things. (1817)
  • Carolinian Herald of Liberty, Religious and Political. (1821)
  • The Objections of the Committee against the Constitution of the General Synod. (1821)
  • Heavenly Flood of Regeneration: Or, a Treatise on Holy Baptism. (1822)
  • Answer to Mr. Joseph Moore, the Methodist; with a Few Fragments on the Doctrine of Justification. (1825)
  • The Constitution, of the Evangelical Lutheran Tennessee Synod. (1828)
  • A Treatise, Or a Few Fragments on Prayer. (1828)
  • Doctor Martin Luther's Smaller Catechism. Translated from the German; with Preliminary Observations by the Translator. To which are added sundry Hymns and Prayers. (1841, 3rd ed.)
  • A Treatise, Or a Few Fragments on Regeneration. (1830)
  • Against the Unitarians. A Treatise on the Person and Incarnation of Jesus Christ, in which some of the Principal Arguments of the Unitarians are Examined. (1831)
Historical Source Documents
  • Succinct Information on the Transactions of the German and English Lutheran Synod, for North Carolina and Adjacent States: Begun and Held at Buffaloe Creek Church, Cabarras County, on the Second Sunday after Easter, April 25th, A.D. 1819. (1819)
  • Extract from the Transactions of the German and English Lutheran Synod for North Carolina and Adjacent States in the Year of Our Lord 1820. (1820)
  • Review of a Pamphlet, Issued form the Press of the Western Carolinian in Salisbury, N.C. (Gottlieb Shober, 1821)
  • A Vindication of the Character of the Rever'd David Henkel, Residing in Lincoln County, N.C. (David's Elders, 1820/21?)
  • The Wrongfully Persecuted, Defended. (Peter C. Boger, 1822)
  • Plain Truth Vindicated. (Peter C. Boger, 1823)
  • Strictures on a Piece Written by Mr. David Henkel, Entitled Heavenly Flood of Regeneration, or, Treatise on Holy Baptism. (Joseph Moore, 1825)
  • Obituary of David Henkel. An Excerpt from History of the Evangelical Lutheran Tennessee Synod. (1831/1890)
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