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And Every Tongue Confess

$25 (328 pages; Hardback), $19.95 (328 Paperback)

Hardback available from the Concordia Theological Seminary Bookstore at (260) 452-2160. Paperback available from our online store.

Norman Edgar Nagel—pastor, missionary, professor, Luther scholar, and churchman—is above all a theologian of the means of grace. Throughout his long and distinguished life of service to the church, he has confessed Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, who went to Calvary to answer for our sins, and who daily delivers His Calvary-won forgiveness to His church until the end of the age. Dr. Nagel rejoices in the uniquenesses in which our Lord delivers His gifts completely and wholly: through the waters of Holy Baptism, through the living voice of the Gospel, in the body and blood of the Lord’s Supper. Dr. Nagel confesses the Office of the Holy Ministry to be instituted by the Lord in order to deliver these means of grace. Gifted by Him, Christ's holy people live their lives enveloped in Christ’s gifts and forgiveness, serving their neighbor in word and deed.

As a beloved teacher of the church, Dr. Nagel has translated Werner Elert's Eucharist and Church Fellowship (CPH, 1966), Hermann Sasse's We Confess Anthology (CPH, 1984–86, 1999). His sermons are published as Selected Sermons of Norman Nagel (CPH, 2004) as well as In the Name of Jesus (Logia, 1999). His articles have appeared in Concordia Theological Monthly, Springfielder, The Cresset, Dialog, Lutheran Forum, Lutheran Quarterly, Concordia Journal, Concordia Theological Quarterly, Lutheran Theological Journal, Logia, Gottesdienst, and others.

Dr. Nagel and his wife, Betsy, were married in 1953 and have three sons and four grandchildren. They reside in St. Louis, Missouri.

And Every Tongue Confess contains essays on a variety of theological themes by fifteen Lutheran scholars drawn from North America, Europe, Australia, and Africa.

Dr. Naomichi Masaki
Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology
Supervisor of S.T.M. Program
Concordia Theological Seminary
Fort Wayne, Indiana