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Preaching From the Whole Bible

$15 (144 pages; Paperback)

Available in our online store or from the Concordia Theological Seminary Bookstore at (260) 452-2160.

Bo Giertz (1905–1998), the celebrated author of The Hammer of God, is rightly remembered for his sturdy confessional Lutheran theology and his lively commitment to deepening the spiritual lives of both pastors and lay people. He served as a bishop in the Gothenburg Diocese of the Church of Sweden at a time when suspicions of the truthfulness of the Scriptures, bred by historical-critical scholars and doctrinal laxity among ecclesiastical leaders, led to lifeless preaching and vapid church life. Yet, enlivened by confidence in God's mighty Word which does not return to Him empty, Giertz did not resign himself to despair. He worked tirelessly to strengthen pastors in their work as caretakers of the soul, helping them to see that their calling was to preach not the clever opinions that become quickly worn-out fads, but Christ crucified. Giertz knew that the only message that finally is worth hearing is the one which comes from God.

The Word of the Lord stands forever and so it is the message of the prophetic and apostolic Scriptures, not philosophy, psychology or social commentary that is to be proclaimed in the church gathered in Jesus' name. Originally published in Sweden in 1957 and translated into English and published by Augsburg Publishing House in 1967, Giertz's Preaching from the Whole Bible: Background Studies in the Preaching Texts for the Church Year is once again available for a new generation of preachers and hearers. Based on the historic lectionary, these short sermonic studies are evangelical gems that will cultivate solid, textual preaching of God's law and His Gospel within the rhythm of the Christian year. Laity will discover in this book a treasury of carefully-crafted devotional reflections, while pastors will appreciate Giertz's wise handling of the Scriptures with their own pulpit in view. The volume reflects its author's faith that the Word of God is not bound but continues to have free course as it is preached to the joy and edifying of Christ’s holy people.

John T. Pless
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Missions
Director of Field Education
Concordia Theological Seminary
Fort Wayne, Indiana