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erlangen church book cover

The Erlangen School of Theology

$19.95 (380 pages; Paperback), $29.95 (380 pages; Hardback)

Available from our online store, or the Concordia Theological Seminary Bookstore at (260) 452-2160.

This book fills a vacuum in English-speaking scholarship as it narrates the story of the confessional Lutheran renaissance associated with the University of Erlangen beginning in the mid-nineteenth century and reaching well into the twentieth century. Here one can read the fascinating stories of Hofmann, Harless, Loehe, Delitzsch, Seeberg, Zahn and others at the headwaters of the Erlangen School in the nineteenth century. Even more interesting are the accounts of the twentieth century theologians Elert, Althaus, Procksch, Sasse, Preuss, Maurer, von Loewenich, and Kuenneth as Green studied with many of these scholars from 1952-1955. Green’s telling of their stories is delightfully punctuated with personal remembrances of his own as well as pointed and provocative applications to contemporary Lutheran theology, liturgy, and church life. It is a welcome introduction to an important part of recent Lutheran history and a wonderful supplement to his earlier book, Lutherans Against Hitler: The Untold Story.

John T. Pless
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Missions
Concordia Theological Seminary



  • Introduction
  • 1. A Sketch of the Bavarian Lutheran Church in the Nineteenth Century
  • 2. The Theological Faculty at Erlangen and the Emergence fo the "Erlangen School of Theology"
  • 3. An Overview of the Erlangen Theological Faculty from 1743 utnil 1923
  • 4. The Liturgics of Erlangen and Bavaria: Development of a Confessional Lutheran Theory and Practice of Liturgics
  • 5. Johann Wilhelm Friedrich Hoefling (1802-1853)
  • 6. Gottlieb Christoph Adolf von Harless (1806-1879)
  • 7. Johann Christian Konrad von Hofmann (1810-1877)
  • 8. Gottfried Thomasius (1802-1871)
  • 9. Franz Julius Delitzsch (1813-1890)
  • 10. Theodosius Harnack (1816-1889)
  • 11. Karl Adolf Gerhard von Zezschwitz (1825-1886)
  • 12. Franz Hermann Reinhold von Frank (1827-1894)
  • 13. Theodor Zahn (1838-1933)
  • 14. Other Scholars of "The Erlangen School"
  • 15. Werner Elert: The Passionate Scholar and Long-Term Dean
  • 16. Paul Althaus: The Mediator
  • 17. Herman Sasse: The Propeht
  • 18. Walter Keunneth: The Scholarly Fighter
  • A Report by Lowell C. Green of His Experiences as an American Student at Erlangen from 1952 until 1955
  • Bibliograph
  • A Selected List of English Translations of Erlangen Authors
  • Indexes