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barren woman book cover

He Remembers the Barren

$14.95 (124 pages; Paperback),  $8.99 (124 pages; ebook)

Paperback available from our online store, or the Concordia Theological Seminary Bookstore at (260) 452-2160. Ebook available from

He Remembers the Barren is a tender conversation with women in the church who wrestle with the issue of barrenness in marriage. Addressing questions frequently asked by those struggling with infertility, the author walks alongside the reader, relaying personal stories to both encourage and support those who are suffering. Issues such as control of our bodies, family planning, and the source of conception are examined through a theological lens, reminding the reader of her clear vocation in Christ and pointing her to the ultimate source of fruitfulness, vitality, and comfort, our Triune God.

This is a book that is about Christ who alone is the source of our joy and hope, our life and peace. Katie does not hold out a Jesus who will fix the problem of barrenness but a Jesus whose favor for sinners reaches to the very depths of our being. As Katie so aptly puts it, fulfillment is found not in the womb but in Christ. Writing with tenderness and a realism shaped by the cross, Katie makes a lively use of the Gospel to draw her sisters away from the temptations to self-pity and despair to the sure and certain promises of the Son of God recorded in the Scriptures and proclaimed in sermon and sacrament. Only in Christ is there true contentment.

John T. Pless
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Director of Field Education
Concordia Theological Seminary


  • Foreword
  • 1. Portrait of a Barren Woman
  • 2. Do I Have Any Control?
  • 3. Why Am I Barren?
  • 4. Lord, to Whom Shall We Go?
  • 5. How Long, O Lord, How Long?
  • 6. How Far Is Too Far?
  • 7. Do I Need to Be Fixed?
  • 8. Why Does It Still Hurt?
  • 9. Will I Ever Be a Mother
  • 10. What Are God's Good Gifts for Me?
  • 11. In Sickness and in Health?
  • 12. What If God Says No?
  • 13. Is It Okay for Me Not to Be a Mother?
  • 14. He Remembers the Barren
  • A Note from the Author
  • Why Did It Have to Be My Baby?
  • Pilates and Cosmos
  • Bibliography
  • Acknowledgments