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  • Transcription Volunteers -- Full-text support with your help. Learn More.
  • Ad Fontes Witebergenses -- Our newest publication.
  • Updating Repository -- We will not be importing the old repository to the new site because all of our materials are now available through the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek. The future of our repository will be a full text database.

Support Full-Text Resources

With your help, the possibility of preserving the classical works of Lutheranism is just around the corner.  Although one of the chief aims of Lutheran Legacy is to photograph, preserve, and reproduce the most important works of the classical Lutheran era, these are by no means the end of our work.  In fact, these are just the beginning. . . . The best access is transcribed text.  With the help of some third party communities, it is now possible to properly transcribe the volumes in the digital repository and make them available as full-text ebooks.  We are hoping to work with Distributed Proofreaders and Project Gutenberg in order to provide transcriptions of our photographed volumes.  However, we can't do this alone.  We need your help.  If you believe that the works of the Lutheran Reformation constitute an important literary, historical, and theological contribution that ought to be preserved and handed down to future generations, then your assistance in this project could bring about the realization of such permanent preservation.

Distributed Proofreaders is an organization of volunteers who spend a few hours a week transcribing books through a web browser.  Once the volunteers have transcribed, proofread, and formatted a particular text, it is compiled into a digital ebook for distribution through Project Gutenberg.  These texts are fully searchable, cross platform, and best of all, free.  With the help of volunteers like you, we would be able to preserve the great classical Lutheran heritage and hand it down to the next generation.

We hope at some point in 2017 to begin working on these projects.  If you are interested, please contact us, and we will let you know when we are ready to begin.